GoW: CoO Best PSP game E3 2007

07/19/07 by Ready At Dawn

It’s deja-vu all over again! Two years after our first game “Daxter” received a similar distinction at the industry’s biggest trade show, our second game “God of War: Chains of Olympus” further cemented its status as PSP’s most anticipated title by being named “Best PSP game of E3 2007″ by Game Trailers, Gamespy, IGN and Gamespot.

IGN also awarded the game Best Action Game, Best Graphics Technology and Best Artistic Design. And just like “Daxter” before it, we were even nominated for “Best Action/Adventure game of E3 2007″ on Game Trailers and even “Game of the Show” by Gamespot, both times ending up the only handheld game against all next-gen games on home consoles. Not too shabby.

Here’s some of what they all had to say:

“This epic prequel makes no sacrifices in its transition to the PSP. The fluid controls, outstanding graphics, vicious combat and enormous bosses all hold true to the legendary experiences players have come to expect from the console versions. Kratos and his newest conquest stands head and shoulders above the competition on PSP. The development team has brutally beaten unmatched performance from the system resulting in an unparalleled graphics engine with dramatic set pieces. And the controls are so refined that veteran players can jump in without a second thought. This IS God of War on a handheld.” (GameTrailers)

“There was little argument among the staff that Chains of Olympus completely outclassed any other games on the platform at E3, and gamers will find out themselves once the demo, which has more content than what we saw during our E3 build, releases in two months.” (Gamespy)

“Could Sony’s handheld keep up with the gruesome deaths and nonstop action that makes up God of War? The answer is yes — hell yes. No PlayStation Portable game at E3 2007 wowed us more on every level than God of War: Chains of Olympus. The environments look fantastic and varied, and best of all, after looking at the game for two seconds, you know it’s God of War. The detail of pretty much everything we’ve seen in Chains of Olympus is somewhat startling given that it’s running on the PSP, but it wouldn’t look good without great art direction behind it. Ready At Dawn showed that it knew how to make use of the PSP with Daxter, and it’s proving that said release wasn’t a fluke with what we’ve seen of Chains of Olympus. It looks to be a system showpiece and killer-app for the PSP all in one.” (IGN)

“Developer Ready at Dawn has already made a reputation for itself as a studio highly capable of taking popular PlayStation 2 franchises and making spectacular PSP games out of them, specifically with Daxter, a side story for the Jak & Daxter franchise. Now the company is tackling God of War, and if the demo we saw of the game at E3 was any indication, these guys really know what they’re doing. God of War: Chains of Olympus easily trumps every other PSP game shown at the show simply because it emulates the style of action and visual quality of the PlayStation 2 entries so well. Chains of Olympus was already one of our most anticipated upcoming PSP games, and after the game’s showing at E3, we’re even more excited for it.” (Gamespot)

So… does this mean they liked it? :)

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