No Bullshot!

05/18/07 by Ready At Dawn

It seems like the recently released screenshots of God of War: Chains of Olympus have caused quite a stir on the various bulletin boards. First our banner shots got people wondering if a ‘wide screen’ PSP was in the works, then the highres screenshots got widely dismissed as ‘doctored’.

Look ma! No bullshot!

No Bullshot

So, here’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth: NO those shots are not doctored in any way, shape or form. They are rendered on the PSP, using in-game geometry, in-game textures and in-game lighting. They actually all show real game locations that you will be able to play in the full game.

They are indeed rendered at super high resolution thanks to a feature of our engine allowing us to render up to 1080p using PSP hardware, on devkits only obviously. The reason the web site shots are wide is because these were made for our banners on the site. The reason those show practically no aliasing is because they are higher res than the PSP screen. Aliasing is there but is just using really small pixels, almost masking the problem. BTW, we also have 1080p movies of the gameplay, pretty cool stuff.

Rest assured that those locations do run at full frame rate when displayed at normal resolution on the PSP so we’re not cheating there either. What you might see is compression artifacts on the JPEG versions of the shots or sometime anti-aliasing if someone took the bigger shot and shrank it using some art package (as these do anti-alias automatically sometime). But that’s not us cheating!

Why the highres shots you may ask? Because we can. :)

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